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           One Man's Conception of the Character of the Old English Sheepdog


Those who have never been privileged to enjoy the affection and intimate acquaintance of an Old English Bob Tail Sheep Dog will not understand books written about the breed. How could they? Nearly all dogs are charming and lovable, but the Bob Tail as a companion is unique: his store of friendship is so inexhaustible, his sympathetic understanding so profound, his love, if you are lucky enough to gain it, so limitless that he seems to belong to a race apart. He possesses all the canine virtues, but adds to them others which I hesitate to call human because they are seldom to be met within humanity. I have known 8 Bob Tail Sheep Dogs intimately and, if only for that reason, I have not lived in vain.

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Bella and Forrest are the proud parents of 9 beautiful, healthy  puppies.

 DOB: 1/17/2013
 6 boys & 3 girls
We could not be happier and grateful!



Bella & Forrest



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Our OES family are cherished members of our family.

Children in our neighborhood stop by to see Forrest and Bella.

All our OES wiggle their little tushes, when the doorbell rings, and can't wait to see who is on the other side.

Be prepared to be licked to death and followed from room to room.

Like typical OES they think everyone is there to see them. They want to be the center of attention, and are ready to clown around.

They will also sit patientiently by your side with their head in your lap, with a content look of happiness in their eyes.

As long as they are close to you, they're happy.

Enjoy our little website and thank you for stopping by.

-Robin George


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